Coronavirus updates


16.04.20 Media Information: SWISS extends minimum timetable to 17 May 2020
Due to continuing travel restrictions, SWISS has decided to extend its minimum timetable to 17 May for the time being. Besides a significantly reduced schedule for short and medium-haul routes serving selected European destinations from Zurich and Geneva, SWISS will continue to operate three long-haul flights per week to New York / Newark (USA).

Passengers whose flight has been cancelled, or who were unable to travel, may keep their ticket and book a new departure date – latest 30 April 2021 – and possibly a new destination, before 31 August 2020. Passengers who book to fly before or on 31 December 2020 will also receive a discount of CHF 50 in the form of a flight voucher which can be downloaded online from

In addition, SWISS is working with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA) to repatriate Swiss nationals from all over the world. Dedicated cargo flights are also in operation to ensure delivery of urgently required medical goods and continuing air transport for the highly networked international Swiss economy.


08.04.20 Media information: SWISS’s response to the decision of the Swiss Federal Council
SWISS welcomes today’s decision by the Swiss Federal Council to provide Swiss aviation with liquidity if necessary to overcome the effects of the present coronavirus crisis. The decision ensures that SWISS can continue to keep Switzerland connected with the world with its advanced aircraft fleet in passenger and cargo terms. In doing so, SWISS will continue to align its flight services to the needs of Switzerland’s economy, politics, tourism and society.

SWISS shares the Federal Council’s view that the company must first do everything in its power to safeguard its liquidity. SWISS is being supported in these endeavours by its parent company Lufthansa, which is already providing financial resources. Since the length of the crisis and the corresponding financial needs cannot currently be foreseen, however, this subsidiary support from the Swiss Confederation gives SWISS the security of being able to survive even a lengthier crisis and the ability to gradually prepare for the resumption of its flight operations.

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