Warwick Geneva Hotel (Switzerland)


The Challenge

The Warwick Geneva Hotel enjoys a prominent location in the heart of downtown Geneva, the Swiss epicenter of global diplomacy, home to numerous international organizations and businesses. Many of the hotel’s 167 rooms and suites and seven meeting rooms offer views of the snow-capped peaks of the Mont Blanc, the Alps, Geneva Lake and the neighboring Jura Mountains. 

Built in 1972, the building required a renovation to comply with modern energy requirements. In doing so, hotel management sought a solar control solution for the façade that, unlike blinds, would not obstruct the outdoor views of the city and beyond.  

The Solution

Hotel management selected dynamic SageGlass to replace the conventional glass in almost all of its guest rooms, conference rooms and offices. SageGlass discreetly changes its tint – darkening and lightening in response to the sun – to create a more comfortable interior environment and overall improved guest experience. The technology protects occupants from heat and glare, while preserving the view of the outdoors. 

The tint of the glass changes automatically with the sun, or it can be controlled through a building management system. SageGlass can also be manually controlled via a wall panel for specific needs in an individual room, such as darkening the space for video projection. 

Some areas of the Warwick Geneva feature SageGlass LightZone ™ technology, which allows for three individual tint zones within a single pane of glass, creating an even more balanced experience of daylight.

The Benefits

SageGlass’ excellent thermal performance is expected to help the Warwick Geneva meet contemporary energy regulations and experience a considerable reduction in heating and air-conditioning costs. The SageGlass retrofit has already begun positively affecting guests by enhancing their acoustic comfort and providing ideal natural light and unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Warwick Geneva is the first hotel in the world to be fitted with SageGlass dynamic glass.

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